Scheduling a time: I like to schedule milestone sessions when the baby is the most alert and playful. I have found that after their first nap seems to work best. Just go about your normal routine and text me once your baby is awake and you are one your way to the studio.

Outfits: Bring all the outfits that you like to the studio and we’ll see what works best with the props that I have. You are also welcome to bring any hats or headbands that you may have.

What to bring: Depending on the baby’s age, bring what you normally would in your diaper bag… snacks, diapers, formula/bottles. Milestone sessions will typically take 1 to 1.5 hours. The studio can be a bit overwhelming for some little ones, so snack breaks are very helpful.

During the session: Milestone sessions go pretty quickly. Their attention span is limited, so we will swap out props after a few minutes to keep things moving.

3 – 4 month sessions: At 3 – 4 months old, babies are able to hold their head up on their own. We will do a combination of shots on their belly and on their back, along with a few props.

6 – 8 month sitter sessions: At 6 – 8 months, babies are typically able to sit unassisted. I’ll have them sit on just a wrap that coordinates with their outfit for some shots and have them sitting in buckets, bowls or crates for other shots.

After the session: You will receive an on-line gallery within 2-3 weeks of the photo session. If you would like to order any keepsakes, simply send me an email with your order. You will receive a USB will all of the final images.